Our Mission

This site has been setup to collect the presentable physical evidence to the presence of chemtrails in our skies. By uploading time stamped images along with its location we can build up a map of our skies and keep a track of when and where this is happening. To do this though we need your help!

To be able to achieve this we need you to keep an eye on the skies in whatever area you live in and when you see the clear signs of chemtrails take the photo and upload it to to us making a note of its location - this can be as loose as you want; a geographical area, city level, town, postcode. Also ensure the time and date the photo was taken is added correctly. If you want credit for your image you may also add your email address (always kept private) and a display name we will display on the image. We also have a notes section which you can add any relevant information.

Who we are

This is a crowd sourced project which self financed and has absolutely no aim of making any money from this information. This site exist for the sole purpose of collecting evidence of the pollution of our skies with chemtrails using unknown substances with unknown consequences to the environment. You wont find any ads or google trackers on this site.

Help us!

Please help us collect the evidence by submitting an image to us